Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Decorating lampposts or giving one final chance?

A lot of times when people discuss the immediate aftermath of the end of The State, you hear quite a bit of talk about decorating the lampposts with the corpses of all who have worked for The State as "law" imposers, enforcers, and tyranny-enablers. But is this the best course?

Sure, after decades of abuse from these monsters, thinking of this does feel good. But, once The State collapses would none of its organs learn a lesson? Do you not think that in their fear they might try extra hard to become decent people for once?

Which increases the total amount of good in the world- killing those who have done wrong or giving them a chance to try to make up for it? Probably all but a select few deserve the chance to finally become productive and good. One last chance.

Since all "laws" against self defense will be history, and there will no longer be any exceptions for theft, murder, kidnapping, and rape by (former) agents of The State. They will have to fly right from that moment on- or else. At the first return to their old ways they can suffer the consequences.

Just don't use nice hemp rope; use the splintery crap their stupid "laws" have saddled us with.



  1. Heh. Good one Kent. But people are people. I find Mussolini's final (post mortem) photo op very emotionally satisfying even if I can't morally defend Il Duce's fate at the hands of the mob.

  2. Oh, I feel the satisfaction as well. Moreso for government thugs who have affected me personally, than for historical monsters, though.

  3. Kent, that might be an option if the "state" died instantly without conflict. I don't see that happening, and I do expect all of those now committing the tyranny to fight tooth and nail to prevent the end of it.

    I suspect that most of that rope will be used in the effort to eliminate the "state," not afterwards.

    And no... is any other murderer given a nice "do over" just because they say prettyplease? I don't think so.