Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Do the bad guys know they are the bad guys?

To me it is obvious that everyone who works for the government knows, if only subconsciously, that they are the bad guys.

That's why they attempt to insulate themselves from righteous retribution at the hands of their victims with the "officer safety" mantra, weapon bans, and other "laws".

If they truly believed they were doing the right thing, they wouldn't believe they need to protect themselves by violating the rights of everyone around them. Their paranoia is very informative. And it may be useful.


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  1. Put another way, they always seem to know what kind of objections to their righteousness they need to anticipate. They're never confused or surprised when someone finds them sketchy. Similarly, they appreciate that they wouldn't like it; if you turn the tables on them without noticeably recalling their own actions, you will get shrill denouncements from the bully pulpit.

    I saw a discussion of redistributing GPA the way money is redistributed. If it's all luck who gets the cash, isn't it equally all luck who got the brains? Apparently, no, though nobody deigned to explain how.

    Everyone who is in a position to implement welfare has an elite diploma. I'm sure this is just a coincidence.