Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Don't shoot your monitor

Almost every single time I get angry enough at the computer (for some malfunction, not for internet content) that I want to start cussing and smashing things, the first instinct is to smash the monitor or keyboard, yet those are not usually the parts of the computer causing the problem. They are just the parts I am interacting with.

I think The State is the same way. Most of us want to smash the parts of The State we see interfering with our life, liberty, property, and pursuit of happiness, when the real problem is the bad guy behind the scenes operating in safety.

Yes, cops and bureaucrats have worked long and hard to earn our well-deserved contempt, but the hidden parasites behind the scenes need to face consequences, too.



  1. Scout your AO. Find all the hidden parasites behind the scenes. Know your AO.

    Have a plan. The parasites do.

  2. The only guy I've ever seen who skipped over the rulers and hit the state's lower level minions hard and directly was Timothy McVeigh. And I just can't sign on to that course.

  3. Regarding terrorists.

    Rulers can tolerate about 10% disagreement before they simply fail. This is the second time I've seen this number - the other was an attempt at measuring how much resistance Stalin's police forces could withstand.

    I'm actually pretty surprised that raising awareness can be a legitimate tactic.