Thursday, August 11, 2011

Government empowers Big Evil

The vast majority of people recognize evil acts when they see them. Unfortunately for civilization, the majority of people tend to also have faith that The State exists to prevent evil acts from getting out of control and overrunning the planet.

What those people don't seem to understand is that the greatest evils can only be maintained by government, or through the belief in government and the acceptance of the ways and methods of government.

By believing that government, The State, is the solution to great evil, they empower those individuals most likely to cause great evil. It needs to stop.



  1. Hi Kent,

    How do you stop a belief? Beliefs, especially the more closely held ones, are resistant to reason. And we'd be hypocrites if we forced our ideas of freedom on state-lovers. It's sad that we have a wonderful, technologically advanced society and stone-age belief systems.


  2. I'm not so sure you can stop a belief. Look at all the people who believe in astrology (and other superstitious mumbo-jumbo) in spite of all the evidence that it is hooey.

    Maybe the best way to "fight" it is to just laugh at it and don't let the believers make you act as though you believe what they believe. Laughing at them is not a violation of their rights in any way. Neither is defending yourself from their advances if they decide to try to force you to act as though you agree with them.

  3. This guy

    pointed out for me that the so called 'crazy' myths that you find in Africa, even the ones that have them torture and murder people, are the same kind of thing as the myths over here that result in wars with hundreds of thousands of deaths.

    The greatest myth would be, I would say, the one you point to here. The myth that if it looks like the state is doing evil, you're wrong, not the state.

  4. Yes, I read that post from Brutus, and the one before it that the other guy was responding to. It's tragic what some people will believe (and do based on those beliefs) if they have no actual principles to guide them, or if their principles are screwed up.

  5. Alrenous and Kent,

    I like this guy Brutus.

    I must be missing something, because OBVIOUSLY it couldn't possibly be the case that state-lovers are genetically predisposed to lower intelligence (which we already know they are: in America, 9 out of 10 state-lovers are below the anarchist average in intelligence, and 1 in 4 are borderline retarded). :-)