Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kinder? Gentler? Me?

My editor at the paper emailed me after my latest submission (to be published Friday). He commented about me being "kinder and gentler" recently. What?!? Kinder? Gentler? Am I losing my touch?

Yes, I try to say things for the newspaper column that don't compromise principles of liberty in any way, while not sounding mean and nasty. I probably try harder to do that in the newspaper column than in this blog. But, I still say things in every column that I suspect might cause problems. I am still the same old me, and my attitudes and opinions haven't changed a bit. In person I am always (I think) kind and gentle. Sometimes to excess.

But to hear that about my writing is a shock.

Seriously, do I need to re-examine myself to see if I am losing my edge?



  1. So, what's the conflict between kind, gentle, and free anyway?

    (scratches head)

    It's not you, Kent.

    It's probably some obscure and enigmatic his marriage counselor/shrink gave him a script for some type of experimental mild psychotropic that makes him perceive the whole world as a kinder gentler place.

  2. That, or I was thinking maybe I'm influencing his thinking somewhat and he's starting to agree with me more (although I don't think there was ever much distance between us- the publisher is a different story...).