Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Get america'd

I got the following from a reader (when I was sick, and it got misplaced until now) and am glad to pass it along:

Hi Kent! I'm an indie recording artist and a committed anarcho-libertarian. I'd like to submit my latest album to your site for a review or mention on your site. My music is edgy, political prog rock. Its been described as a mix of Frank Zappa, Iron Maiden, XTC & Public Image Limited - with the bitter lyrical worldview of a Warren Zevon or Donald Fagen. Thank you and keep up the good work! Best,
-- ~Ben Sommer Edgy, political prog rock

Hey, not exactly my style of music, but I did listen and read the lyrics. Check him out.

America's Sharia Law

One of the reasons I hear coming from "conservatives" for invading and occupying Islamic countries it so "they" won't take over America and force Sharia "law" on "us". You know, kind of an extension of the "fight them there so we don't have to fight them here" excuse.

True, I have no wish to live under such a brutal and primitive, and painfully stupid, system. But doesn't that mean we should deal with the mote in our own eye and get rid of our own version of Sharia "law" too? Otherwise we are just being hypocritical. Again.

Sharia law is no more obscene than most of the counterfeit laws in America. Kidnapping and murdering people over plants? Or chemicals? Or because they refuse to facilitate their own muggings? "Laws" based on what people claim their god wants?

If we refuse to put up with being ruled by Sharia "law", why don't we refuse the US equivalent and refuse to tolerate drug laws, gun laws, sex laws, tax laws, seatbelt laws, property codes, obscenity laws... and the list goes on almost infinitely to embrace any and all "laws" that attempt to control or regulate anything other than actual aggression or theft.

Sorry, but if your god approves of the War on (some) Drugs, or government sanctioned (or prohibited) marriage, or 99%+ of the rest of the things that "The Law" concerns itself with, your god is a monster. And if you continue to follow your god (whatever name you call him by) in spite of his monstrosity, then you are no better. And if you think it is a good idea to impose "laws" like this, and enforce them against your neighbors, you should be happy with Sharia "law". As for me, I'll take liberty and respect yours as well.