Friday, February 25, 2011

Poll contains a surprise

I was surprised that the results of this poll, which I found on the local paper's website, were so evenly split. As evenly as it is possible to split them, in fact. I was glad the spare point went to the only reasonable response.

I would interpret this poll (related to this case) to show that of those who responded, the top bar represents those who would fit the "conservative" profile; the middle bar would be those who (in this case, at least) favor a more libertarian approach; while the bottom bar are those I would consider "progressives".

Of course, the case could be made to swap the top and bottom.

The main reason I consider the bottom bar to represent those of leftward inclinations is that they are the ones who advocate changing things such as drug "laws" to legalize marijuana use rather than simply recognizing that a bad "law" carries no authority.

On the other hand, "the right" also works to change gun "laws" that happen to bother them... so maybe there is (once again) no real difference between "left" and "right"; it's always about authoritarian or libertarian after all.


Sometimes I wonder if I would be taken more seriously if I looked more "conventional". Very often the only comments those who disagree with me can come up with are based upon my appearance- "You look so unkept..." - "Get a haircut Kent..." etc.

So, I should get a nice jackboot mohawk / idiot rug like so many LEOs do nowdays so people would "respect" me?

No thanks. If that's what it takes to be taken seriously, I'll pass.

My thought is that maybe if some of those people would grow some hair it might protect their brain from radiation damage- or whatever is causing their inability to think.

(This isn't directed at anyone who has short hair and doesn't demand that the entire world adopt their own personal style. It's only directed at the idiots who think there is something noble or superior in having short hair.)