Sunday, March 06, 2011

When the game is rigged against you...

...refuse to play the game anymore.

Sure, it would be better if you refused to "play" as soon as you realize it is rigged whether you are on the losing side or the winning side. Most people just don't realize the game is rigged unless it is rigged against them. That's just human nature.

Marriage is rigged against men- not due to the institution of marriage itself, but due to "legal" interference. Why anyone would want government to sanction or regulate their relationships is beyond me.

Voting and politics is rigged against liberty. It is simply not possible to vote for a real increase in liberty. The system selects against anyone who even understands liberty and could make a positive difference.

Employment is now rigged against men, especially "white" men. I have been told, right to my face- in person, that I could not be hired because I was a "white male". They still took my application in order to give the appearance of fairness, but at least I was warned not to expect anything to come of it.

There may be other things that are rigged that I simply haven't run up against, or noticed. Maybe because they are rigged in my favor.

I have nothing against those who benefit from the rigged game. Very few of them had anything to do with it. Almost none of them even see that anything is rigged, since as I said before it is hard to see that things are rigged unless they are rigged against you.

I intend to not play when I discover a rigged game. I'll find a more suitable one or establish my own game, instead. Agorism is a good example of one response to a rigged game.