Friday, March 11, 2011

Dreams do come true, just not this one. Yet.

Yesterday morning I woke up from a dream in which I had a violent encounter with an enforcer. This is not the sort of dream I normally have, and it bothered me.

Then, yesterday afternoon, as I was simply driving well within reasonable and safe speeds, and not driving wildly at all, I was pulled over by a gang of enforcers employed by The State (New Mexico, in this instance). There were at least 5 cop cars (mobile tyranny units) hidden behind hedges in a church parking lot conducting some big revenue enhancement scam (in other words, a conspiracy to commit theft).

They were stopping car after car. It was a highwayman's dream come true. The roadway thieves of earlier generations probably never imagined that their kind would some day be operating so openly and without fear of justice.

Suddenly I wondered if my dream was about to come true.

I was informed I had been "speeding". Perhaps I was going slightly faster than the posted, and quite irrationally low, "speed limit". The enforcer ended up only giving me a warning (for what? driving safely?) because he said I seemed "nice". I suppose it's a good thing he couldn't read my mind. It is also probably good for me that I was in a borrowed car, rather than my own. My own "official paperwork" is somewhat confusing and contradictory.

It is getting to the point where I don't want to drive anywhere anymore. I won't risk going out late at night due to "sobriety checkpoints" and their routine violation of property rights and the fundamental human right to travel without being molested. Now I dread even needing to go out in the daytime. It's not worth a potentially deadly encounter-which is what they all are- with a LEO.

This will get worse before it gets better. Probably much, much worse, and even the "getting better" will undoubtedly be a very nasty process. All because some people didn't stop these things when they first began decades (or centuries) ago. Putting things like this off only make it worse later.

PS: If I were a member of a church that allowed this use of church property, I wouldn't be a member long, but I wouldn't quit before I told the "leaders" just how disgusting their police state enabling is.