Monday, March 14, 2011


I've probably mentioned it before, but I absolutely despise revenge and jealousy. I have been guilty of both of those in years past, though very rarely. I have also been the target of both.

In the case of jealousy, I consider it halfway toward abuse. The force has been initiated in the mind- and without great care, it will be initiated for real very soon.

If you are jealous, you need to end the relationship that you are jealous about. Actually, you should just accept that the relationship is already over if you are jealous.

If there is no real reason for your jealousy, then you are being an idiot who is driving away that which you are jealously guarding. You are addicted and it is hurting you, and probably will hurt the other person too.

And if there is a reason to be jealous it's probably because the relationship is not a good one, it is not fulfilling needs, and you both need to just get out. Jealousy is the sign it is over. It is the final bell. Don't be a moron and keep pretending the game is still on.

Is America a police state?

Well, America is living under a police state in the form of the US government (and it's state and local collaborators).

I was thinking about this question again after reading this post on "who's your nanny?"

One thing I think people need to understand, and that I posted in the comments is that, YES, we are living under a police state. It just hasn't put its entire police state infrastructure into operation yet. But it will.

Because, as I said there, a cobra is still a cobra even if it isn't biting anyone right now.