Thursday, March 31, 2011

DWI excuse snares another non-driver

Since I stopped writing for Examiner I haven't paid nearly as much attention to the ABQ news, even though I am still subscribed to the sites. But this story just jumped out at me and begged for a comment.

The Bernalillo county law abuser/district attorney has decided it is OK to charge a woman with DWI for allowing another person who was drunk to drive.

According to the story- “This is a ‘this can happen to me’ story for anybody who’s ever decided, I’m going to have a designated driver who’s not quite as drunk as I am,” said district attorney spokesman Pat Davis.

OK, so the woman was drunk too. And she is expected to have the ability to judge whether the other guy was drunk and whether it was a good idea to let him drive?

The ratchet keeps going in the only direction it can move. And it will continue until the ratchet is destroyed completely in an act of self defense.

Four Stages

I have noticed that a lot of things go through 4 stages.

1- First they are (or are believed to be) necessary.

2- Then some do-gooder decides since they are necessary, they must be made mandatory.

3- Then after a time they become unnecessary due to changes.

4- After being unnecessary for a time, they become actually detrimental.

In other words, progress or society gets damaged all because someone decided to add an extra stage to the natural procession. This could be avoided by skipping the mandate; by doing this you'll probably avoid the "detrimental" stage altogether.