Sunday, May 08, 2011

Police State in my own front yard.

Small town police state. It's happening. Right here, right now. I thought they were just picking on me for being somewhat open with my opposition to their parasitism, but I have discovered they are out of control and on a thieving rampage.

Even a non-libertarian I spoke to yesterday admitted that this town has too many cops (3) trying to finance their unnecessary and pointless jobs through extortion. So he didn't say it in quite those words, but that was the gist. This town, until not that long ago, had no cops at all. Not one. There was no problem with that. If anything seemed, to the weak and scared, to call for LEO intervention, the sheriff was more than capable of handling the situation.

Of course, with millions of new "laws" being added to the books to be enforced every year, I'm sure the "job" became too large for such an efficient and non-intrusive system. That is not a sign "we" are getting worse, it is a sign law pollution is destroying civilization.

Now this town has 3 cops all trying to find ways to justify their jobs, and apparently now on notice that they had better pay their own way by shaking down the residents. They should all be fired, at the very least, since they can't control themselves.