Friday, May 27, 2011

Cops and stop signs

Every single day I watch the local cops run the stop sign by my house. Every time they pass through the intersection; almost without fail- with the occasional exception occurring only when they need to stop in order to do something else.

I have watched these same LEOs stop and "ticket" drivers right in front of my house for committing the "crime" of doing the same thing.

Tangentially, I have also watched the local cops talking on their cell phones and "texting and driving" in front of my house, right past the elementary school playground, during prime kid-time (while kids and other pedestrians are everywhere on the streets). Right past the signs forbidding such.

Now, I have rarely seen anyone, cop or not, run the stop sign in a dangerous way. Everyone pauses and checks to make sure it is safe to proceed. That is great! If the purpose of stop signs were "safety" rather than revenue, that would be perfectly acceptable.

My problem isn't that the cops run the silly stop signs. My issue is that these cops rob other drivers who do the same thing in the same safe manner that they do. That is WRONG.