Thursday, June 09, 2011

No more "driver's licenses" for "illegals"?

One of the local-ish papers had an article about New Mexico lawgivers contemplating an end to the practice of issuing "driver's licenses" to "illegal immigrants".

I posted the following comment:

I am fully in favor of ending the practice of issuing "driver's licenses" to independent migrants ("illegal immigrants"). And everyone else.

Driving is a right; not a privilege as The State tries to dishonestly make everyone believe. This is because there is a basic human right to travel without molestation, and this necessarily includes, in the modern world, the right to drive.

Do you believe George Washington or Thomas Jefferson would have tolerated some bureaucrat ordering him to carry a "rider's license" to ride his horse, or to hang a "license plate" on his horse's tail, for that matter? Of course not! And how do you think either of them would have responded if some representative of the king (or any other tyrant) stopped him along the way and tried to steal from him (issue a "fine") or kidnap ("arrest") him for not complying with these unconscionable edicts? Ponder that for a moment.