Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Turnabout is fair play

A friend of mine is having problems with a scammer.

They have gotten hold of her number and other information somehow (yes, probably through carelessness on her part, but that's not the point) and they are calling her many times every day trying to scare her into sending them money.

They claim to be with some company (or government office) - "National Bureau of Crime Investigation" blah-blah Criminal something-or-other" ... I have listened to the messages and can't make out much of what they are saying because of their very heavy accents- that she owes $695 to, or they are collecting on behalf of the creditor. Once again, I can't understand what they are saying. They won't give her any paperwork or documentation until after she pays- by credit card or Western Union, of course. They are claiming that they have issued a warrant for her arrest and keep saying she had better pay to prevent more bad consequences.

Obviously, this is not a legitimate collection action.

I have done a tiny bit of research and it seems the phone number is a landline out of Alameda California... but... it is routed through a "Magic Jack" so who knows where they are really calling from.

Here's the fun part: If you want to call and harass some scammers, their number is 510-473-4959. Turnabout IS fair play. Right? Obviously BLOCK your number before calling!

UPDATE: They just called twice more. I spoke to him myself and he is one nasty character. He claims his name is Robert (or Richard) Morgan, by the way.

More info: Here is what other people are saying about these clowns: LINK