Sunday, September 04, 2011

"I won't"

I just finished reading the story "And Then There Were None" by Eric Frank Russell. Nice story!

In this story a military ship is thwarted, and loses many of its men, because people simply say "I won't". The commanders of the ship are powerless to do anything about it because their rule book forbids them to use force against people who are not attacking them- which the inhabitants of the planet are not doing.

Unfortunately for us, today, the Rulers who claim to rule us do not obey the rules which apply to their actions anymore. They don't bother even looking at the rule book to see if their actions are allowed, but make it up as they go along.

Politicians, bureaucrats, and especially those disgusting vermin the cops, routinely murder people for simply saying "no". Sure, copsuckers will claim that no one is murdered by an enforcer for simply saying "no", but that is a lie. It happens frequently- probably every day now. The enemy has no ethics. That means saying "no" will not be enough. You and I will also need to back that refusal with self-defensive force.