Wednesday, October 05, 2011

"Officer safety"

"Officer safety".

That's one term that gets me riled up.

If the vile, verminous tax parasites known as "law enforcement officers" can murder people on the pretext of "officer safety", then why shouldn't those who hold dangerous jobs be protecting themselves from the consequences of their career choice as well?

Shouldn't fishermen be allowed to drain the oceans using "fisherman safety" as justification?

Shouldn't farmers be refusing to plow, plant, and harvest (and probably salting the earth) in the name of "farmer safety"?

Loggers should start forest fires to get rid of all the trees with the excuse that this increases "logger safety".

Of course those with honest jobs- the fishermen, farmers, and loggers- aren't extorting money from the fish, fields, and forests. If they destroy the things they depend upon they know they have destroyed themselves. Cops aren't smart enough to figure that out.

If a cop is concerned with "officer safety" to the point he feels the need to murder those he depends upon for his career, then he needs a different job.

NO ONE "needs" a cop.