Monday, December 26, 2011

Wrong again! (I mean me)

After the Christmas meal had been devoured, and the after-meal stupor had given way to the games, a relative happened to mention the recent jail cell suicide of a suspect in a child abuse case. Her opinion was that his death was a good thing and had saved the "taxpayers" money.

Instead of keeping my mouth shut (wouldn't you just love to have me at your family gatherings) I said that I believe, and the evidence shows, too many innocent people are arrested (and convicted and executed).

She then said "Well, I think if a suspect kills himself it is an admission of guilt." I agreed.

But then I thought about it.

I was wrong.

In the current US Police State a suicide could also be the result of the realization that, even if you are innocent, your life is over once you have been dragged in to the "justice" system by an accusation. Even if you are innocent and are set free by a jury, you will still have the cloud hanging over your head that says that The State thinks you did something bad. Too many State worshipers believe that you wouldn't have been arrested if you didn't do it. And, that's enough to make some people choose death instead of a lifetime of being suspected of getting away with something. In fact, I suspect the innocent might be more inclined to kill themselves after an arrest than people who really don't care.

And, that's also assuming that a suicide is really a suicide, rather than a murder by the kidnappers or their jailhouse "brothers".

Just my thoughts.