Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I'm selling on eBay. Again.-UPDATED reminder

Still selling- Did you not get enough reading material for Christmas? I can solve that.


Added 12-8-2011
: Thanks for the response so far! I'm still waiting for someone to mention the hidden message contained in many listings. No prize for finding it, but maybe the sense of accomplishment will be worth it.

I have added even more books, plus one gem I hesitated to list for sale. I keep thinking about whether I should list some non-book items. Also, there is another seller whose sales go into the same pot, so check out other books there: link

Last night I got a big box of books. There are a LOT of "The Cat Who...." books in the box, and some SF, and some Danielle Steel and well, just keep watching. I'm guessing there are 60 or 70 books.

(Added: I have quite a few Robert A. Heinlein and Andre Norton books in the box. I haven't listed them since I'm trying to decide what to read, but let me know if you are looking for a particular title.)

I will be selling them on eBay, adding a few each day for a while. They might make good Christmas/Solstice/Kwanzaa/Hannukah/Festivus/Zagmuk gifts for people you're not too terribly fond of.

So, please, go see what I have for sale. I am dullhawk1840. I try to make the listings entertaining.


Kidnapper- the "protector"

Speaking, as I was yesterday, of learning lessons from silly sources:

I really enjoyed the movie "Tangled". Of all the Disney cartoon chicks, I like Rapunzel the best. Wow. Anyway... where was I?

The Wicked Kidnapper/"Mother" is The State. She gets Rapunzel to promise, from a`position of enforced ignorance, to never leave her. She gets her to pledge allegiance.

It was all based upon a lie.

When we find out we were lied to, we need to realize our promise is not binding. No matter what we may have said, or what promises we may have made, we were acting on a false premise. We were not the liars, even when we apparently break our word. The deal, if we ever made a deal, is off.

And yes, the Wicked Kidnapper is the bad guy, not the victim. She/it uses us while pretending to be our protector. We are being fed upon. The State, our Wicked Kidnapper, needs us; we do not need it. "She" hopes her lies, and her attempts to shield us from exposure to the truth, will keep us fearful and loyal. She hopes our guilt at wanting out of a false deal will keep us compliant. She will be sad to learn the truth in the moments before she turns to dust.