Thursday, January 12, 2012

Buy stuff?

I'm not going to beg for donations... however, I find myself needing money. Worse than usual. Again.

So, please consider buying some stuff from me. Either here or on eBay (both links are always under my picture over there on the left).

Thank you.



  1. Have you considered adding a google ad to your blog? It really doesn't generate much money...and it might not be worth the "opportunity cost" of the space it takes up...but it doesn't hurt to try it out. Once you create a google adsense account then you'll always be able to easily add google ads to any other webpages you have.

  2. I have considered it. But then I talked to some people who used google ads and decided that with the low number of page views I get the tiny bit of money it would generate wouldn't be worth the annoyance to my readers.

  3. And google collects data for tyrants...