Saturday, January 28, 2012

Throwing stones in glass houses

People who work for The State shouldn't throw stones at anyone else's choice of a career. A pole dancer is more ethical, by far, than a school teacher who prostitutes herself/himself for The State and receives a salary financed by theft.

My daughter was playing on the pole which is attached to our porch. My dad, a school teacher for The State (in more ways than one), asked if she was going to be a firefighter. I said "...or a pole dancer". He said "I hope not!" I hesitated a moment before I said "She'd probably earn more money pole dancing."

Considering that I have never heard anything from my parents other than the suggestion that a career's worth is to be judged by the paycheck, it seemed reasonable to me to point this out. But then I got to thinking a little deeper and thought of the above observation.



  1. Who is better from a moral stand point? The pole dancer who performs voluntarily for money before people that pay to watch or a so-called "ordinance enforcement officer" [sic] whose job it is to ding people with tickets for having grass that's too long, have cracks in the sidewalk in front of their homes, do any "illegal" (?) tree trimming, and other BS stuff? IMHO the "officer" who is just "doing their job" is morally wrong rather than the dancer whose act (whatever you might think of it) is a strictly voluntary transaction on both ends.
    (On the other hand I wouldn't mind seeing one of "my" local OEOs "dance" in the air underneath a lamp post. Heh.)

  2. Brilliant and humorous post. I'm sorry to hear about your Dad.