Monday, February 20, 2012

A modest proposal to prevent "bad government"

I think that if there is to be any "governing" allowed to take place, it should take place only under the watchful eyes of angry armed observers standing not more than 6 feet away. No governing should ever be permitted to take place behind metal detectors, or with armed security for the puppeticians being in the same building. The odds need to be leveled, and if one side has the power to destroy the lives of the other side, then the other side must have the same immediate power.

I think that would avoid a lot of the problems that seem to go along with puppeticians and bureaucrats. How many "laws" would end up being passed under those conditions? How many rights would be violated by government actions if that was a prerequisite for any government actions being engaged in? How often would "taxes" be increased?

Eventually it might even reduce the attraction that the sociopaths feel toward being elected to a government job.

Of course, the obvious conclusion is that there should never, ever, be any governing allowed. It isn't healthy or nice.



  1. Check out this new fact checking website:

  2. Here in Michigan where the Supreme court said that CWP holders could bring their guns into all govt buildings with only very narrow & limited exception the apoplectic reaction of the pols was hysterical. And hysterically funny. :D

  3. You might find it interesting that the New Hampshire statehouse has no law or rule against carrying arms, for the delegates or spectators.

    There was an attempt last year, after some shouting, to ban arms, but it was very quickly ah... "shot down".

    New Hampshire isn't the "Free State", but in many little ways the stubborn nature of its people does shine through.