Saturday, March 17, 2012

Food Stamps and other handouts

In the midst of a discussion of unrelated subjects with someone dear to me, I was called a "hypocrite" and stubborn" and told I should just get over my "pride" because I won't accept food stamps, since I would probably "qualify" for them. And, it's not even that I or my child go unfed, it's just that we don't have money for some of life's unnecessary things.

The person who made that comment to me is on food stamps. And, I didn't criticize her for it; just explained why I won't.

And, because of this I was denigrated.

I realize it is probably because the things I said made the other person feel bad about themselves. But, like I say, I told her I am not saying anything about anyone else or the choices they make. I am just saying what I will not do, due to my understanding of the situation. I don't know how I can get any less judgmental than that.

(I also got a notice today from the hospital that said I was approved for "assistance" on my recent hospital adventure. No thanks. I didn't ask for it and don't really appreciate the unsolicited offer. But, I realize it is probably automatically-generated. I shredded it.)



  1. That's a fantastic example of something I just brought up at Aretae's.

    No, you can't get less judgemental. The only way to avoid looking like you're picking a fight is to avoid the subject entirely.

  2. What actually happened is that she realized that she should be judging herself, according to her own standards. She blamed you for this realization, then proceeded to try to talk herself out of the cognitive dissonance with you as a prop.
    I don't intend to be mean - I'm sure there's a good reason for all of this - but frankly that's what happens. So I guess this is a meta-example.

  3. You are a perfect example of why the left *and* the right both excoriate Ron Paul.
    They cannot understand acting on principle.

  4. I understand your problem with foodstamps, etc., though I disagree (on the notion that anything taken from the government for ANY peaceful purpose reduces their ability to blow small children to bits...Walter Block is of the same opinion, btw.)

    I have no idea at all why you would spurn the hospital's generosity. Is there some principle that says private businesses must charge everyone the same? I doubt it. Do you pay the asking price for a car? A used gun? Do you go to sales at the store? How is there any difference? The hospital is not going to give you anything-and even if they are, so what?

    Hospitals and the medical community in general maintain absurd gross profit margins, largely to abide government...and because they are sheltered by government from competition. You needed to see a Dr., and you really can't pay for it...take the generosity and return the favor if you get a chance. Who are you harming other than yourself?

  5. I think that the biggest issue I would have with accepting food stamps is that I don't want to become dependent upon my enemy for my food. The theft/"taxation" is only a small part of the equation. The government actually counterfeits all the money they hand out. Of course, that is also theft. It doesn't impact the State's ability to blow up children at all, since- once again- they will just print up (or electronically create) all the money they need for their murder squads.

    And, actually, it wasn't the hospital's generosity; they were offering to help me apply for Medicaid. Had it been the hospital making the offer themselves to help with my bill I would probably have accepted.