Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The "Top 100" List

Click on the graphic to see:

The Top 100 Libertarian Blogs and Websites

According to The Humble Libertarian, anyway.

Personally, I wouldn't consider all of those listed to be "libertarian" at all (probably, especially, all the LP sites), and I can think of several that are much better that weren't included. Still, it might be good to check out all those blogs and websites and form your own opinion.

And, I'm certainly not going to try to make my own "top 100" list. Just too subjective, and would vary according to my mood and what day it is.



  1. Since Dondero is on the list, I presume a pretty loose interpretation....I've not seen his particular brand of bizarre logic in quite a while. Can't say I missed it.

  2. Dondero... LOL. I hadn't thought about him in quite a while. I can't even remember all the nasty names he called me over the years, while promoting his own version of "libertarianism". If I remember correctly, his issues with me mostly centered around my not wanting to bomb enough people into freedom, or something.