Monday, April 16, 2012

Bad "libertarians"

Could a thief or an aggressor be a "libertarian"?

It seems to me he could, in a tragic, failed sort of way.

Just because you recognize the truth of the Zero Aggression Principle doesn't mean you'd necessarily follow it. Knowing it is wrong to steal doesn't mean you wouldn't steal. You might try to justify your deeds, but why justify what you believe to be right?

Still, I'd say actions speak louder than words, but I can see how a person who knows the right thing might not live up to the principles.

Maybe this accounts for some of those "former libertarians" I have heard of. They know the right thing to do, but can't live up to it so they decide to walk away and be "former". I'll bet, deep inside, they still know what is right, and know they aren't there anymore, even as they pretend they don't believe the same as they once did.

On the other hand.... to be continued tomorrow...


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  1. For example, if I could get my hands on the person who created the virus that infected my computer today, I would happily chop him to bits in the most cruel way imaginable, while still realizing it was wrong to do so. Grrrr!

    And, yes, I am using a different computer at the moment while I try to install Ubuntu on the now-wiped and recovered dead machine. Agonizingly frustrating and slow- and I don't even know if the blasted thing is actually downloading correctly or not.