Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What is "public school"?

"Public school"-
A misnomer for a prison established by a government to punish kids for the crime of interfering with their parents' ability to work sufficient hours to pay "taxes", some of which are used to finance the "public school". Sometimes education happens by accident in these prisons but generally the kids learn less intellectual information while imprisoned therein than they would have otherwise, and what they do learn is usually of a lower quality and doesn't make a lasting impression. They do, however, learn about being bullied (by fellow prisoners as well as by the "authorities" who herd them) which they would probably never get the chance to learn outside this system.



  1. I learned nothing in public school. Everything meaningful I have ever learned was self taught. I would never suffer my children to go to public school.

  2. My youngest daughter desperately wants to go to the public school kindergarten next year (around here it's that or a "church school"), and while I would very much rather she didn't, it's her choice.

  3. Maybe it's better if public schools would teach more subjects on good manners and right conduct because there are lots of kids who are bullied and can't concentrate with their studies.

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  4. Alice- I realize your comment is mostly an ad for something-or-other, but "good manners and right conduct" are something that parents should be teaching their kids. Because what a school teacher might consider "good manners and right conduct" might differ greatly from what I would consider good manners and right conduct.

    And kids need to be taught to fight back, effectively and without holding back, against bullies. And rewarded, not punished, when they do. That's the only thing that will end that particular problem.

    Government schools are a huge enabler of the problem; not the source of a solution.