Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Does the 2nd Amendment..." No, it doesn't!

Being human gives you the right to own and to carry arms.

The Second Amendment makes it a serious crime for the US government, or any of its "subordinate" mobs, to violate or tamper with that right in any way.

Pro-gun folks get confused on that issue almost as much as the anti-human gun banners do.

I get tired of the polls that ask "Does the Second Amendment give you the right to own a gun?" Because the answer is obviously "no", but if you answer that way it looks like you are voting with the genocide fan club.



  1. Precisely. The 2A merely documents, or "memorializes" are right inherent to all persons, contrary to a recent court case that found an illegal alien had no right to possess a firearm.

  2. The whole Bill of Rights is supposed to be a limit on what government can do. The first 5 words of the 1st Amendment should be a clue. "Congress shall make no law".