Sunday, May 20, 2012

Eureka! Eclipse shows stop signs DO have a use

After long, fruitless years of studying, I have finally done it: I have found a legitimate use for stop signs!

They are good screens for projecting annular solar eclipses on.

I was happy to be along the path of this evening's eclipse and by using a mirror I was able to watch the reflection of the whole thing (until the sun set). Awesome!

I also used a pinhole and reflections in car windows and another group of eclipse watchers let me look through their welding helmet as well. And I did sneak some peeks as the sun set and was dimmed by haze.

Here's a regular picture of the annular eclipse taken by my mom during the maximum.



  1. Crap. I didn't know there was an eclipse. I've seen them before, but ...

  2. Since I was right in the path of this one, I made sure I didn't forget. But I also check every day.

  3. Hi Kent,

    Very cool! I was a bit south of "the path", but it was still an interesting sight.


  4. I think I may post a few more pics. My mom took the best ones.