Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"If you don't like government, move to Somalia!"

This statist incantation has been around for quite a while now, but seems to have gotten more popular again. And it is still just as silly.

Two of my videos from quite a while back, "Love it or Leave it" and Theft by Any Other Name", mention the ridiculous retort. I never dreamed we'd still be hearing ignorant statists chanting the same line over a year later. I guess they are running out of quips and excuses.

So, why is this such a silly thing for statists to say? The situation in Somalia is the result of trying to force a State on people who knew it was not an improvement over the old system they already had.

So, read the two articles linked below and laugh in the pathetic statist's sincere and angry little face next time they pull this one out of their.... um, "hat":

And, if all the good people moved to Somalia, like the ignorant statist's seem to be suggesting, it would mean we would abandon everything to the thieves and thugs. How is that the right thing to do? No, it is better to stay and fight than to abandon America to the parasites.



  1. You have the patience of Job my friend. When people say that sort of thing to me they get back something along the continuum starting with a hard glare escalating up to an raised middle finger thrown in their direction. I don't take to the "love it or leave it" crap. Let them move back to to the big city, California, or where ever they came from if they don't like how i wanna live here. I was here first.

  2. Someone on Facebook posted a picture in response to this post that points out that if the statists love taxes, welfare, regulations, and hate guns they could move to North Korea. Tit for tat. Hehe.

  3. Well said brother- I deal with this daily as you well know.

  4. If you don't like being mugged, then don't walk down the street!

    If you don't like your house being egged, don't live in a house!

    If you don't like being stabbed, don't get in the way of the knife!

    I thought these people were against blaming the victim? Like, it's one of their big things?
    Actually, that makes sense. By blaming the 'victim' they mean, 'blaming someone for their own damn mistakes,' so it makes sense that a real victim wouldn't be recognized as a victim.