Wednesday, July 04, 2012

An Independence Day thought

A government-extremist taterhead commented (on my CNJ column about the stupid and evil War on (some) Drugs) about the toll drug use has on "the families and children of the addict".

Never mind that I wasn't talking about addiction, but casual use.

But it made me think this is a good subject for Anarchy Day/"Government-go-screw-yourself" Day/Independence Day.

Sure, the family of a person addicted to anything can be harmed. Possibly it is inevitable. Greater harm still results from the legal/societal consequences of being discovered to be using those substances than ever comes from the chemicals, themselves. And even people who have never touched any drug are harmed- even killed- by the stupid and evil War on (some) Drugs every day. Yet idiots like that commenter believe, without a shred of evidence and in spite of ample proof to the contrary, that it is "worth it". And they worship the murderers who work for The State.

But, OK, harm can occur from drug abuse.

A stronger case could be made for those who choose to subject their family to the government-extremist lifestyle. You don't think it harms the children and spouse to have a parent who is in the military or "law enforcement"? Then you aren't connected to reality. Look at the divorce rates, the abuse rates, and the suicide rates of those who have thrown their lives away- sacrificed to the God of the State. Then claim "drugs" are more harmful- if you dare.

If you justify harming your family by being a government-extremist, then you have no "moral high ground" from which to cast stones at those addicted to things that are minor compared to your addiction.



  1. Excellent criteria for comparison.
    There you go, thinking again.

  2. I engaged in plenty of activity-some of it illegal, none of it drug related*- yesterday that would have made your commenter's hair go white-had they known about it.

    That's they key, they don't about it-because it effects no one else, and as such is no one else's business.

    "Addiction" is a pointless word-technically we are addicted to air....shall we ban it?

    *Mezcal is a drug, I suppose. I do not recommend consuming the sort that comes in quart mason jars that is sold just outside the Home Depot...