Sunday, August 19, 2012

"Have you ever sat down with a cop...?"

I realize I am pretty harsh in my criticism of cops. Reavers. Liberty Eradication Operatives. Whatever you call them.

One assumption that comes up over and over through the years is that I have never actually known any cops socially, or that I have been in trouble with the "law" a lot. Neither is true.

I have had a few educational experiences that involved cops, but nothing more serious than minor traffic "offenses" (which wouldn't be offenses in a free society). Maybe a few incidents that would be more serious in today's US police state than back when they occurred. But I have never really been "in trouble". That doesn't mean that I overlook abuses just because I didn't happen to be the victim, though. Wrong is wrong, even if it doesn't directly target me.

I have known quite a few cops over the years. In a few different states. I have socialized with them, had deep conversations with them, even driven some drunk ones home. I have talked to some soon-to-be cops and found their brainwashing to be horrifying.

What they do, as a integral part of their "job", on a daily basis, is not a good thing. It is not something that should be done. You can't live off of "tax" money and then "arrest" people for theft without exposing yourself as a hypocrite. You can't enforce "laws" that shouldn't be enforced and then say you are "just following orders" or just doing your job.

Yes, I oppose the very existence of cops. I have some surprising allies in this opposition. As a matter of fact, the older retired/former cops I have known generally hate today's cops more than I do. They seem utterly disgusted at what police have become in a way I could never really relate to. Compared to them, I am a "cop lover".

I don't "need" cops. Neither do you. They don't make us safer. You are wise to never involve a cop in any bad situation; they only make it worse.

So don't assume that someone who dislikes cops does so out of ignorance, or out of bad "legal" experiences, or from a desire to be a thug. It may just be that he sees them and their illegitimacy more clearly than you do.



  1. Excellent article, Kent! You said it clearly and concisely.

  2. I recently met a retired cop - long hair, ponytail, and all. His reason for retiring when he did? He was so disgusted by the way cops are nowadays that he retired instead of being party to the BS.

    I gotta give him props for that.

  3. Rev James- Some of the most anti-cop people I have ever met are ex-cops. For the exact same reason as the guy you met.

    It just proves my suspicion that a decent person can not be a cop anymore.