Tuesday, August 21, 2012

War is Peace. Military is Militia.

I don't have television (only Netflix streaming), but just ran across some previews of a TV show that looks interesting. "Revolution". However, in watching previews on YouTube I notice something. Just as words got twisted in Orwell's "1984" so that "War is Peace", "Revolution" has twisted the word "militia". The bad guy, Neville, is called "militia", but he is instead military.

If you work for The State (or whatever coercive collective passes for The State in your society), using weapons to enforce the edicts and theft of that State, you are military. If you pursue the interests of The State, with force, against the interests of the people, you are military.

The character Charlie is the true face of militia. The armed people, simply protecting themselves and their local society, is what militia is. All the people. Not some "set apart" elite.

Yet, as is the case more and more in Police State USA, the concept has been turned inside out in order to vilify the good guys by conflating them with the bad guys.

Like it or not, YOU are tasked with being militia. You can betray that by becoming military instead, or you can step up and do what's right. Which do you choose?

Added, after watching the pilot episode:

I liked it in a “willing suspension of disbelief” way.

Why is it that people always assume it’s going to be “kill or be killed” if you remove The State? I don’t refrain from killing people only because I might be punished by cops or courts. And, even if I were a thug I still think I’d worry more about armed victims.

And, back to the subject of their “militia” [sic]… Anyone who bans guns, or enforces a gun ban for someone else, is NOT militia. Militia helps its members (in other words, EVERYONE) get weapons and learn how to use them.


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