Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11: Consequences Day

I've been calling September 11th "Blowback Day" for years. Thinking about it today I decided that needs to change. Blowback is only one aspect of the date; just one of the consequences.

Henceforth this date, September 11th, shall be called "Consequences Day".

The events of September 11, 2001 (regardless of what actually happened or who was actually behind it) were the consequences of past actions coming home to roost.

It was the consequence of mandating inadequately armed airline passengers.
It was the consequence of allowing a federal government to run rampant- killing, blockading, embargoing, occupying, manipulating, spying, threatening, bullying, robbing, and many other evil actions- all over the globe.
It was the consequence of permitting stupid and evil people to demonize defensive violence and make no distinction between types of violence.
It was the consequence of teaching people to go along quietly with those who mean to do them harm.
It was the consequence of the past couple of centuries of statism.
It was the consequence of choosing false "security" over liberty.
It was the consequence of trusting government.

It seems few people have learned anything from the tragic consequences of this date in history.



  1. I called it "Happy Slaughter Muslims Day" to my dad on the phone earlier....he got it to my surprise.

  2. 11 Sept 1683 echoes through history.
    Sobieski and Martel crushed the muslim hoardes laying seige to Vienna, eventually pushing them all the way back to Byzatium.
    The Pope hailed Sobieski as the savior of western civilization. It was close.

    9/11 is celebrated whenever islamic aggression is defeated.

  3. 2001 was blowback for 1683.
    Special dates have special meanings for islamic psychopaths (but I repeat myself).

  4. Ok. (my memory failed me)

    Sept 11 1683 was the last day of jihadi dominance, and when the West set plans to end islamic violence.
    Sept 12 and following days/months/years were thus designated 'muslim slaughter days'.

    So history rhymes: Islamic violence on 11th, followed by many days/weeks/months of western blowback. When crushed hard enough, islam takes longer breaks between violent spasms of aggression.

    Sadly, the current empire americus is also having it's own violent aggressive spasms... (topic for another day)