Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"Officer safety"

I despise the bogus concept of "officer safety".  What a completely disgusting justification for anything some corrupt cop (redundancy alert) wants to do to you.

Why would a reaver's safety be more important than mine or anyone else's?  Why shouldn't I be able to disarm and cuff any cop I encounter as a safety precaution?  You know, just until I ascertain that he is not a threat to me or to anyone else ("the public")?  Who is actually more likely to shoot whom?  Well, check out the statistics for yourself.

I don't shoot people whom I claim were driving "too fast", or whose tires I claim crossed a painted stripe, just because they don't wish to be stopped and robbed or kidnapped by me.  Cops do.  I don't shoot people who are trying to get away from me.  Cops do.  I don't break into people's houses because they are doing something I don't like, and then murder them if they resist.  Cops do.  I don't rob, kidnap, or murder people for growing some kind of plant.  Cops do.  So exactly who is endangered by whom?

I don't feel endangered by some guy with a holstered gun on his hip, unless he also wears a badge.  Cops do.  I don't even feel endangered by most people who have unholstered their gun- unless, once again, they hide behind a badge.  Cops flip out over that.  The reason I don't is that I am not a coward, I am not paranoid, and I don't go around escalating situations that I initiate.  It's that simple.

If a LEO feels he needs to violate people for his own "safety", it indicates to me that he knows he is guilty of doing things that normal people know are wrong.  A guilty conscience- probably combined with an instinctual knowledge that his victims would be ethically justified in killing him for his evil behavior- makes his own safety become his primary concern.  It shows that he is a violator and a coward, and somewhere deep inside he probably knows it.

If a cop is concerned about his safety, he can do the same things others do for safety.  Wear a seatbelt- or not; don't look down the barrel of your gun to see if it's loaded; don't initiate car chases; don't trespass; don't rob; don't be an aggressor; don't stick your tongue into light sockets; don't harass people who are minding their own business; and don't interfere with travelers.  Distilled down: don't be an idiot or a prick and your safety factor increases exponentially.

But this is too hard for people whose brains are encumbered with the Enforcer Defect.

They want to be able to be a bad guy and still go home at the end of their shift- after doing the wrong thing for hours at your expense.  Well, Officer, the rest of us have just as much right to go home at the end of your shift as you do.  And unless we are stupid enough to seek you out, our lives are worth more than yours could ever be.  We didn't start it.  And we outrank you, since you are supposed to be our servant.  You're a butler-gone-bad.

Your cowardice, paranoia, and your sense of entitlement is an indication that you can't be trusted with any amount of "authority".  You need to go find an honest job and stop being a predator.  Unfortunately most cops can't handle a real job- especially one that has real risks beyond the minuscule "risks" their preferred "career" entails.  That's obvious since they keep being cops.

Well, Mr. Cop, your safety means as much to me as the safety of a rapist.  I don't need your "help".  You're fired.  Now, go away.



  1. Once, a long time ago, I was pulled over for speeding. The conversation amounted to, "Do you know how fast you were going?" "No, I was paying attention to traffic." "Yeah, traffic is fast today."

    It was an adult interaction, and I paid the ticket.

    What bothers me is the -lecture-. When a cop won't stop telling me, over and over, how right he is do to whatever he's doing, how wrong I am, that I must do this or that, or must not do this or that, and so on, and so forth, endlessly.

    What kind of personality has to justify itself to people it can kill at will?

    And it's obvious that those same personalities are -terrified- of their victims.

  2. Bravo. When you take a job like that you are supposed to be the "Concerned citizen" if you do it for any other reason you are a power hungry thug, and if you abuse that power you are a piece of shit that deserves everything you get.
    Where are all the people who got into these jobs to actually help people? Do they even still exist?

  3. Oh, and linked and posted verbatim. Great article.

  4. The two-fold purpose of a cop is to 1) follow up on clues after a crime has happened and, 2) harrass overwise honest citizens. I told that to the father of a friend of mine who was a jailer at the California Youth Authority. He said I shouldn't say that because cops are our protectors. To which I responded, if a robber was pointing a gun at him, no cop would magically appear between him and the robber if and when the robber pulled the trigger. So my orginal statement still stands.

  5. There is a small few cops out there that actually work for the people, protecting us from the scum of society. Those are the cops that deserve officer safety, the officers that are stopping gangbangers and murderers. Then there is the majority of cops that write bullshit tickets and hassle people for what seems like no reason, those cops deserve nothing.

  6. This particular column gets it so right. With the country accelerating toward police/military stops on highways in increasing numbers, it is an increasing challenge to drive from point A to B legally armed, carrying cash and not be searched and arrested for one or both of the above. The question becomes, innocently driving down the highway, if pulled over and these crazies are about to destroy your life, like any highway bandit, do you take a stand for YOUR life then and there?

  7. Wulirider- You would be justified and would be acting completely ethically if you did. And you would be murdered by his gang. His gang goes absolutely crazy when they smell blood- either their "brother's" or their victims'.

    A normal highway bandit doesn't have so large and violent a gang backing him up. He also doesn't have so many deluded people who consider him a "legitimate" "good guy", no matter what he does. Just visit any website that details a recent murder-by-cop and look how many commenters claim the victim had it coming for not rolling over for anything and everything the cop wanted to do to him.

    You've heard "work smarter, not harder"? A similar principle applies here. But you'll need to figure out the details on your own.

  8. Ah-h-h, the truth to your words sink deep and ring true. Does make me dream of a network of Freedom Defense, maybe Tweet-based, across the country, of like minded folk that could be tweeted during any road stop, etc and voluntary members of this network would or could show up to be present, video or insure a peaceful, non violent confrontation from the increasingly cop-goes-amok scenario. The Defense League could even charge a membership fee to possibly help insure more commitment, not much, but enough to avoid limited IQ participation.

  9. Many have worked to put things of this sort together. Such as SMART. Maybe someday, one of the ideas will really take off.

  10. You are obviously clueless about anything but your poor insecure feelings that some Officer must have hurt. I consider you below contempt. Why not go and be an Officer and get back with me after a year of experience. Sometimes one needs to be educated to know how little he knows.

  11. Ah, Timothy- It's the old "Have you ever sat down with a cop?" whine- combined with the "you have to be one to see how great they are and how difficult their 'job' [sic] is" delusion. Your contempt, or "below", is welcome.

    No reaver has ever "hurt my poor, insecure feelings". Why do you pathetically assume this is necessary for me to see reality? Just as I despise rapists and murderers even if they haven't raped or murdered me or my loved ones, I do not require personal tragedy to know that cops are the bad guys. You, obviously, are beyond redemption.

    I know plenty, and am still learning more. And the truth is leading me further and further away from your deluded beliefs every day.

  12. I remember having a cop look at me with a thousand yard stare and start the, "You don't know what it's like going out there every day, wondering if it might be your last."

    I pulled out my military ID and said, "You realize saying that to me makes you look like an idiot, right?"

    Then he started the, "Oh, you military boys don't REALLY face that many threats, yadda yadda."

    Correct. Generally we don't. Neither do cops, and a lot less of the time. In both cases, it's part of the job we signed up for.

  13. wow, this is a VERY GOOD well written truthful article. NICE JOB!!!!