Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Obama "wins"

I didn't watch any election coverage yesterday.  In fact, I hadn't really thought about it until I got online this morning and saw half of the statist socialists cheering the victory of their candidate and the other half of the statist socialists wringing their hands over the defeat of their candidate.


As if it matters.  LOL

I'll keep doing what I do.

It wouldn't have made one bit of difference had Romney won.  He was Obama's clone.  Just a Big Government socialistic fascist stamped out of the same die as Obama. And the Bushes.  And Clinton.  Etc.  The claims about Obama's secret religion or birthplace were distractions from the things that really mattered- and on those things Romney wasn't just shooting blanks; he was pointing his finger and saying "click".  And only those who were blinded by their hatred of Obama even noticed Romney.

Maybe it's a good thing the presidency stays with Obamney 1.0/Obama- or should that be Bush 2.0?  Whatever.

Maybe a few more people will now grow up enough to reject The State.  Maybe more will stop saying such ridiculous things as "my president", or "our government".

I do suspect many "conservatives" will become more fervent in their slavish devotion to Nazi rituals, though, thinking this to be a rejection of Obama's ideology.  LOL.

Maybe lots more guns will be bought in preparation for defending ourselves from government employees.  Maybe Obama will even fall into the trap of outlawing guns and trying to implement confiscation so that "we" don't have to keep wondering "is it time?"

Maybe the dollar will finally collapse so that we can go back to using real money.  So what if "they" make it illegal?  It will happen anyway.

Maybe more people will embrace their outlawry and stop obeying counterfeit "laws".

Maybe Obama and his minions- "conservative" AND "liberal"- will tighten their grip enough that everyone who matters will slip from their straining fingers.

Maybe this will bring Americans to the point of remembering the Declaration of Independence in large enough numbers that they finally remember that bit about "abolishing" government that violates liberty, and finally take responsibility for governing themselves- each as an individual.

Maybe governmental suicide is imminent- advanced by the illusion of victory.

But if not, I will keep doing what I do.

I am not worried by Obama.  Romney wouldn't have been noticeably different, much less "better".

The government has always been your enemy, and always will be.  You may not have noticed as long as you believe "your guy" is in charge.  That doesn't alter the truth.  Accept it and get ready for interesting times.  They were coming no matter which delusional statist thug "won" the election.  You have warning; you have no excuse.

Remember, this is only one battle in a long string of battles- the war is not over.



  1. Kent,

    The "right wing" gas bags, Hannity, Levin, and Rush should be rejoicing. Now they can bitch and moan for the next 4 years and make a great living stirring their pot of bigoted, statist stew.


  2. Underground Carpenter, way to completely miss the point.

  3. I really believe "we" should concentrate on one issue above all others: Ridding our nation of the communistic public school system.

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