Friday, February 03, 2012

Road monopoly and "their rules"

One place a particularly pathetic defense crops up- for the absurd rules that the government road monopoly imposes- is in discussing driver's licenses.

The government apologist will say "If you don't like the rules the government enforces for using the roads the government built..." Then the apologist will either suggest we stay off the government roads completely, or build our own. Both rather stupid demands considering the reality of the world as it now exists. But, if I have to either live with the rules the government imposes, in order to have the "privilege" of traveling on "its" roads (excuse me, but who paid for them?), or else the poor, beleaguered government will just have to take its toys and go home, building and maintaining no more roads for my "benefit"... well...

My response to the government and its supporters: So stop. We'll adapt. We'll survive. We'll be fine. You are unneeded, unwanted, and totally unwelcome. You don't enrich life; you pollute it. Go away.