Wednesday, March 14, 2012

TSA infographic

I realize the following is mostly just an advertisement, but I did find it interesting. And I am not getting any pay or any other consideration for posting it.

Obviously, I have deeper issues with the TSA and the "security industry" than the fact it is inefficient and doesn't work. All taxation is theft, even if it does what it is supposed to do, and the only security that has
ever worked or ever will is a fully-armed population that is willing to kill attackers.

With all that said, here's the "infographic":

TSA Waste
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Does life begin at conception?

Another thought concerning abortion has occurred to me. It is about the statement "Life begins at conception". I always thought there was something wrong with that assertion, and I finally realized what it is.

Life doesn't begin at conception: it continues at conception. A living egg and a living sperm combine to form a living zygote. The real question should be "Do rights begin at conception?" (and I don't believe they do).

Until there is an individual, there are no rights. A zygote is not an individual. So, when does the individual "begin"? I don't know.


I know that even mentioning this subject alienates people, as does my position that even if it were objectively proven that abortion is always "murder" I don't want the State making "laws" criminalizing it (or anything else, either). The State is not legitimate, and its "legal" opinion on anything is worthless to me. But I am going to say my piece and you can take it or leave it.