Saturday, March 31, 2012

At a loss for words... almost

I just found out that someone I know, who has admitted to me that she used a guy to get pregnant (and then ditched him long before the baby was even born), has been getting "child support" from him. To me that is about the same depth of wrongness as robbing a guy in a parking lot.

As wrong as I feel it was for her to use him to get pregnant (without his informed consent) in the first place, that was small potatoes to then turning around and robbing him. I just can't see this in any other light.

Maybe in a few isolated cases "child support" is justified. In a case like this- no way.

OK, so that is just my opinion, but it sure made my estimation of the person's character crash through the floor. No, this person makes no pretense of being a libertarian, but sometimes I am still shocked at how low non-libertarians can stoop.