Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sext-bombing the State

I think that the next time World Sexting Day rolls around it would be amusing if millions of "underage" people sent graphic naked pictures of themselves to every cop, judge, prosecuting attorney, president, and every other tax addict who has ever profited from kidnapping or caging people for possessing such pictures. (Start finding and saving those cell phone numbers now!) And I'd include everyone who defends and supports such draconian "legal" action in that dastardly group.

After all, they claim there is no justification for having those type of pictures, and simple possession is automatic guilt.

It would be fun if this happened, and got widely publicized, to see how they would manage to make an exemption for themselves. And, make no mistake, they would. And, then they'd turn around and charge those who sent the pictures with a "crime". Because the tax addicts are evil.