Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Obama channels Marx

Obama's absurd Marxist statement that "You didn't build that" has stirred up a lot of people. But just watch- within a few years (unless the USA collapses before then) it will be common knowledge. Self-evident. And still it will be a lie. Just like the other lies that have become part of the USA's DNA over the years.


All rules are not equal

On my recent road trip I was amused when I noticed the driver behind me. Every time we would pass one of those "Do not drive on shoulder" signs, he would veer onto the shoulder of the road for a mile or so. Or at least edge his tires just over the white line. After a "proper distance" he would start driving in his lane again- until the next scolding sign.

I was laughing about this when we got to our destination and my mother chimed in with "Maybe he just hates all rules like you do."

Hmmm. That wasn't very nice... or accurate.

I replied "I don't hate all rules, just arbitrary ones."

Seriously. The Zero Aggression Principle is a rule that I like very much. "Don't take other people's property" is another rule that I really like.

I suppose statists have a blindness that prevents them from seeing a difference between "Don't initiate force" and "Sell a 32 oz Dr Pepper and break the law". Or "Fail to wear your seat belt and it's OK for a cop to electrotorture, kidnap, or shoot you if you don't submit to his intention to take your property fast enough".


RIP Samantha

4/2003 - 7/18/2012