Sunday, August 19, 2012

"Have you ever sat down with a cop...?"

I realize I am pretty harsh in my criticism of cops. Reavers. Liberty Eradication Operatives. Whatever you call them.

One assumption that comes up over and over through the years is that I have never actually known any cops socially, or that I have been in trouble with the "law" a lot. Neither is true.

I have had a few educational experiences that involved cops, but nothing more serious than minor traffic "offenses" (which wouldn't be offenses in a free society). Maybe a few incidents that would be more serious in today's US police state than back when they occurred. But I have never really been "in trouble". That doesn't mean that I overlook abuses just because I didn't happen to be the victim, though. Wrong is wrong, even if it doesn't directly target me.

I have known quite a few cops over the years. In a few different states. I have socialized with them, had deep conversations with them, even driven some drunk ones home. I have talked to some soon-to-be cops and found their brainwashing to be horrifying.

What they do, as a integral part of their "job", on a daily basis, is not a good thing. It is not something that should be done. You can't live off of "tax" money and then "arrest" people for theft without exposing yourself as a hypocrite. You can't enforce "laws" that shouldn't be enforced and then say you are "just following orders" or just doing your job.

Yes, I oppose the very existence of cops. I have some surprising allies in this opposition. As a matter of fact, the older retired/former cops I have known generally hate today's cops more than I do. They seem utterly disgusted at what police have become in a way I could never really relate to. Compared to them, I am a "cop lover".

I don't "need" cops. Neither do you. They don't make us safer. You are wise to never involve a cop in any bad situation; they only make it worse.

So don't assume that someone who dislikes cops does so out of ignorance, or out of bad "legal" experiences, or from a desire to be a thug. It may just be that he sees them and their illegitimacy more clearly than you do.