Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The opposite of America

First off, I will say that no State is legitimate.  Not one.  To create one that is can't be done.  The very nature of being a State is filled with illegitimacy from the very foundation and throughout its entire structure.

But, I get really tired of those who mistake "The United States of America" for "America".

They are two entirely different things.

Back in the beginning of America, when those states that made it up were written about collectively, it was always called "the united States of America".  No capitalized "u".  America was what mattered.  The states taken together made up America.  One American state would have been "a state of America"; two would have been "two states of America", and if two governors declared war on each other, their states could have been referred to as "warring states of America".  There were states, they joined together in America, but their union was not the primary focus.

Suppose, using a personal example, I referred to my family as the "the joined individuals of the McManigal family".  It would be ridiculous for anyone to primarily think of us as "The Joined Individuals", rather than "McManigals.  It would be substituting the description for the actual thing.

To think of America as "The United States", or even "The United States of America", is just as ridiculous.  

The United States is just the group of evil individuals, the government or "The State", who happen to currently prevent America from experiencing the full flower of liberty that was all that America was supposed to be about.

The United States is the worst enemy America has ever faced.  America is only America as long as it protects the individual from the tyranny of The United States.  Apparently that's a battle America lost and The United States of "America" won.

Time to reboot.  Let's dispense with The State next time, and instead just stay out of the way as people freely associate in a truly voluntary manner.