Thursday, October 18, 2012

Withholding relief = torture

I, and many others, refer to the "War on Politically-Incorrect Drugs" as stupid and evil.

If you have any doubts about those adjectives, you haven't been paying attention.

To keep self-destructive people from harming themselves (probably impossible), and to keep others from doing something they think is fun (also probably impossible), the drug thugs keep sick people from getting desperately-needed relief. That isn't just stupid, it's evil.

Now, whether marijuana / Cannabis is the magical miracle cure-all that some claim it is or not is irrelevant.  Aspirin doesn't cure the root cause of a headache or muscle soreness, but people take it anyway, just for temporary relief.  Why shouldn't they?

And, just maybe, there is something to all the clinical studies (the non-government ones) that show Cannabis to be a powerful cancer fighter.  Along with having other benefits.  But what if it doesn't cure anything?

If marijuana can make a chronically miserable person feel a little better for a while that is all the justification needed for using it- as if any justification were necessary.  Which it isn't.

I have a couple of dear friends who are in constant pain from health conditions.  Because they continue to be in constant pain I suspect that they avoid the simple relief they could have because it is "illegal".  That absolutely infuriates me!

You have no business telling someone else what they can introduce into their bloodstream.  None.  Pretending you do is just wrong.  There is no excuse for it.

And murdering people for possessing a plant or any other politically-incorrect drug is just plain evil.

If you support the War on Politically-Incorrect Drugs you might as well  be honest about what you support.  Go out and start torturing children and murdering parents yourself instead of hiring thugs with badges to do your evil work while you stay out of harm's way.