Sunday, November 11, 2012

Elections and The State


It's not the drunk at the throttle that's the problem.  He controls less than you believe.

It's that the locomotive was designed to self-destruct- and it will often be an explosive failure when it happens.  

It's that its passengers are not all there of their own free will, but are hostages, forced to pay for the ticket, forbidden to disembark, and told to worship the monstrosity they are riding on.  At gunpoint.

It's that the track it runs on is made of the bones of its victims; past, present, and future.  

It's that those tracks run right off the edge of a cliff.

So, stop fighting about which drunk idiot is at the throttle.  Sideline that failed locomotive and get out and walk on your own two feet.  Stop holding others hostage at gunpoint and forcing the more timid among them to be a passenger on your suicide train.  Then, if you choose to follow those tracks to your own doom at least you won't take anyone with you.

As for me, I am not on your train, but its noise and stench have polluted the neighborhood for far too long.  Your train is not welcome here.