Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Assumption of Aggression

It is very hard for most people to think of a way to consider methods of interacting with others that don't involve using The State in some way.

Think of "liberals" and you think of the "laws" they impose on the rest of us.

Think of "conservatives" and you think of the "laws" they impose of the rest of us.

Think of "libertarians" and most people think of the "laws" that the Libertarian Party members want to get rid of or change, through political activism.

Think of "anarchists" and most people think instead of communists who want to use The State to impose their desires on everyone else.

Few people think of people interacting as individuals on their own, without using The State.  So, for the people who have their preference but don't seek to use coercion or theft, the round holes of assumed "political action" are a non-fit from the beginning.


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  1. This is the very subject I was "meditating" over in my truck trip back east this week. As I've stated over at HaleBobb, I never listen to CD's or radio's, haven't had a "CB" in years. So I have hours on end to contemplate the nature of things as you've described a dimension of them above. I don't even need to concentrate on routes, etc. -- the little gal in the GPS box tells me when a turn is coming up and how far to the next junction.

    Most of us, I suspect, were born with a collectivist mindset. Let's face it: human beings are set apart from the animal kingdom, who are born with the "clothing" they'll die with, and who instinctly seem to understand how to find mama's teats, and most of whom can walk totteringly shortly after birth. We come into this life totally helpless. We must be fed, clothed, bathed, prevented from falling off the bed or down the stairs -- "contained" by parents or adult caregivers. Even after 15 years or so most human beings still need certain guidance and direction. Responsible parents agonize over decisions as to when it is safe to let them take the car alone for the first time -- when they are stable enough to be allowed go on dates, etc.

    So we look to our elders for many decisions we COULD make for ourselves -- perhaps longer than necessary. Oh, I know: all children around 2 "...want to do it MYSELF, Mommy!...", and good parents "help" them with simple chores and gently explain not to throw food or poop britches.

    So enter psychopaths. Psychopaths understand by their very natures how to control -- how to "govern" -- collectivist human beings. And a very small percentage of us ever fully see through the ruse of The-State.

    I highly recommend reading Murray Rothbard's "Anatomy Of The State". You can read it here.