Monday, February 18, 2013

Bitcoins for me

I think I have finally got a Bitcoin wallet operational, for those who prefer this method of payment and donation.

The address is:


And the QR code is:

If you intend to send me some Bitcoin, please let me know so I can see if everything goes like it is supposed to.  I would suggest that someone could send me some, that I could send back, just to see if it all works, but I would be horrified if something went wrong and the Bitcoin was lost somewhere in cyberspace, so don't do that.



  1. Just sent ya 0.1 BTC. Doh. make that two sends of 0.1 BTC. So you should be able to see if your system is working (I used the number, not the QR).

  2. Hey, thanks! Yes, it is working. They came in just fine. Now do you want me to send them back?