Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dorner immolation* "not intentional"?

The sheriff responsible for burning the "cabin" Chris Dorner was supposedly* holed up in, says his minions didn't intentionally torch the "cabin".  Just like the feds didn't "intentionally" roast the Branch Davidians.

But the police radios tell a different truth.

Cops already get really twitchy, and willing to break the law and faces, over people photographing or making videos of them "just doing their job".  How long until they react the same to people who hear them "just doing their job" over radios and scanners?

If your own words and actions are that dangerous to you, maybe you should recognize that you are verminous scum; not one of the good guys.

*Maybe he was, maybe he wasn't.  You and I will never know the truth unless Chris Dorner pops up and starts offing reavers again.



  1. Amazing that they say they didn't say what we heard them say, and people will believe they didn't say it.

  2. People are commies. Hear only their fellow commies.

  3. Exactly hoe should one treat a rabid dog. What a waste of a house though.

  4. Anon 6:14 PM- Except that a cop's job is to die in place of innocent people, so this whole mess over the myth of "officer safety" stinks. If he was guilty the cops should have brought him in for a trial- not been judge, jury, and executioners.

  5. An object lesson as well: if they'll Waco one of their own, what makes you think they won't Waco you?