Thursday, February 21, 2013

Following orders is NOT honorable

There is no good in following orders.  None.

To pretend this personality defect is a sign of an "honorable person" is disgusting and dishonest.

Any idiot can manage to follow orders.  It takes a real human to evaluate those orders, and decide if they should be followed or ignored.  Or even to decide if the one giving the orders needs to be stopped in his tracks.

Cars follow orders.  You take certain actions that transmit orders that you wish the car to obey, and as long as the car is functional, and your orders do not exceed its operational parameters or the laws of physics, it does as you order it to do.  That doesn't make the car a hero.  It makes it a tool.

Humans should never allow themselves to become tools.  There should always be a gateway that filters the orders and asks if this order is right or wrong.  "If I do as ordered will I be harming innocent individuals or their property rights?"  If the answer is "yes", a hero refuses to comply.  A thug obeys even after seeing that the answer is "yes".  A tool obeys without even asking the question of himself, but only taking the word of those issuing the orders.

Don't let yourself be a tool.



  1. My common refrain: "...Anybody who knows me would be disappointed if I ever did something or refrained from doing something because it was a rule, or a law, or a regulation, or a policy. If the writers of these edicts can't make sense, count me out..."


  2. A lot of Hitler's officers tried to use this excuse to justify their actions and it was just as wrong then as it is now. They should ask the question "If I do as ordered..." before they act and only someone of good character will take the right course of action. Otherwise they are thugs or worse and deserve time in a maximum security prison for their stupidity.

  3. I guess you really have to consider what the orders are. If a doctor says stop smoking, it might be in your best interest to follow those orders. If the government gives the order to pay your taxes this is one order I want to break because no one their is responsible enough to handle my money. I want to quit obeying this order, but if I do I could wind up in jail and for my remaining years I don't want them spent in jail. You don't specify what sort of order to not follow so to answer it yes or no becomes difficult to do. If I ignore the orders given by the red flashing lights on my car I could be in for an expensive repair bill. Generalizing an opinion of a site like this is rather silly. Next time try to be specific of your questions.

  4. Anonymous 07:13 PM- It might be smart to follow some orders, but it isn't "honorable" to do so.

    Your doctor can't order you to quit smoking. He can strongly recommend you do so, but if you don't- what's he going to do to you? He can't kick you in the face for not "obeying" him.

    A "check engine soon" light is not an order. It is a warning that something is wrong.

    And, yes, I did specify what kind of order to not follow. I said: "If I do as ordered will I be harming innocent individuals or their property rights?" If the answer is "yes", a hero refuses to comply.

  5. I suggest you slip this under the doors of new military recruits. I am assuming you are refering to people who wear costumes that represent some governmental branch? From a STR