Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The two kinds of laws

There are only two kinds of written "law": unnecessary and harmful.

Laws that align with Natural Law are unnecessary.  You don't "need" a law saying that murder is forbidden and punishable before you have the right to defend a life with force.  Rape, theft, kidnapping, fraud, "assault", and every other violation of life, liberty, and property/"the pursuit of happiness" are the same.  No law is needed.  Decent people know those things are wrong and will carry consequences; bad people don't care.

Every other "law" is harmful, because they are counterfeit.  Counterfeit "laws", by their very nature, are wrong.  Evil.  By their very existence they "legalize" all the violations of Natural Law listed above- at least by some "elite individuals".  Of course, they employ euphemisms to attempt to hide the truth of the acts.  Theft is called "taxation", murder is called "war" or "capital punishment", kidnapping is called "arrest", rape is called "airport security", and... well, the list goes on and on- covering just about anything done in the name of "governing".

I don't need any laws.  Neither do you.



  1. Authoritarians are collectivists and vice versa. This mindset seems unable to comprehend that an individual has the capacity, much less the duty, to determine right and wrong for themselves. America was once a bastion for individualists, but we seem to be a dying breed getting trampled on by growing herds of sheeple. The "Rule of Law" cult is one of the most self-righteous wings of the authoritarian-collectivist religion.

  2. I've said it before and I'll say it again. There is law and there is justice. Don't make the mistake of thinking they are equal.

  3. Both those laws are indeed academic, as you say. The pertinent law, is the law of supply and demand. Collectivists arise in mobs of people who live in scarcity and fear of their being sufficient supply to meet their demands. The underlying root of their misbehavior is they do it so that their rulers will feed them, clothe them, house them, and keep them safe and free from want.

    Men of self-sufficiency lack this fear. They have no reason to cower or to scurry. They seek only to keep themselves free enough to exercise their skill and prowess to feed, clothe, house, and protect themselves. They even create surplus goods for their own enjoyment and pleasure.

    In nature, there is an illustration of this in Africa. The Congo river divides Chimps from the Bonobos. The Chimps being murdering rapists who suffer from want and aggressive Gorilla attacks. The Bonobos are peaceful social animals, not forced to compete with Gorillas, their only scarcity is female mates. The Bonobos peacefully compete to get chosen by their wealthy and well fed females. With Bonobos, nice attentive guys finish first.