Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kent's Top Ten List of Dog Names

#10 - Rabies O'Piddler
#9 - The Flea RV
#8 - Stinky de Gasblaster
#7 - Destructinator
#6 - The AntiCat
#5 - Puddles McBitebite
#4 - Sir Fartsalot
#3 - Barack
#2 - Begger Lee Drooldripper

And the #1 name for any dog I might someday have- Bitey "The Barker" McPoopenpisser

(Cats, too)

And please don't forget.



  1. Love these! I owned a #6 (RIP Monaco). And I sleep with a #8 (Morgan). Although, he does qualify a close #4 as well.

    Currently, I'm training the #7 (Trinka). Squirrels are the bane of her existence. So are my garden plants and other miscellaneous items, should they be in her way when one is near. Also in training is your #1 (Bentley Jude). He's a puppy. Not just any puppy, but a herding breed puppy. His job is to keep the rest of us "mongrels" in a tight grouping so we don't harm the General populace.

    Thanks for the laughs! I do Rescue and shared this with a friend who just lost a puppy from a litter our group just rescued. She needed a pick-me- up.

  2. Glad you liked it. I'm thinking I'll do a list of cat names, too. Soon.